EWR 09/01/05

9th January 2005 was probably the day the last trains ran on the Railway at the showground at Stoneleigh. Hopefully it will not be too long before trains will start running at a new site and I look forward to showing photos at some date in the future. Looking through earlier photos, I realised there was only 1 page included on this site but I am sure there must be dozens of other photos worth adding which show what this railway was like – when I get round to sorting through them!! The weather was dull & cold, with a few spots of rain at times – not the day for quality photos, so I spent more time talking than peering through a camera lens. In sunny weather the wooded section was not so good for photography, but with no leaves on the trees it seemed worth a try, especially as I have plenty of photos of other parts of the line from previous visits.

Locos seen running:-

  1. 1028
  2. 5
  3. 6965
  4. Sothach
  5. SR 0-4-0T
  6. Tram
  7. Trojan

Link to 22 photos at the railway

The EWR is now running at Kingsbury Water Park, see following link.

Link to EWR site

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