Weston Park Dec 2005

A private running day – December 2005. Once again I was fortunate to be able to attend a steam up on this 7¼” gauge railway. Most of the locos seen running were just visiting for the day, and what a cold one it was! No worries as to where the sun would be shining, as there was no sign of it all day. With no leaves on the trees it was possible to take photos in places that would be heavily shaded in summer, saying that, there were no really “bright” places, due to the cloudy sky.
Must say this was certainly one of the best for the “steam” effects, and if the people on the trains looked cold – believe me, it was that cold, the frost on the ground and trees didn’t melt during the day.

Locos seen running:-

  1. 17929
  2. 24
  3. 5541
  4. 6965
  5. 70045
  6. 84029
  7. 9000
  8. Gloin
  9. Lady Jennett
  10. Lilla
  11. Merlin
  12. Red Damsel
  13. River Ellen

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