Weston Park Dec 2008

A private running day – December 2008
Thanks to Bruce for an invite to this winter running day.

The temperature was only a degree or two above freezing, so plenty of steam effects to be seen in the photos. Since my last visit the middle passing loop has been removed and the top return loop has been modified, this gives the look of a double track section on the extended part. A setback siding has also been added for operating purposes. Some of the photos concentrate on the locos, the others show the trains running through the beautiful setting of the railway.

Locos seen running:-

  1. 1401
  2. 3156
  3. 4044
  4. 5541
  5. 9000
  6. Comanche
  7. Gillian
  8. Gloin

Link to 108 photos

Weston Park site

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